Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Crafty Jars!

I love organizing... I also love containers.  Since I do not have the money to buy all the containers I would like, I have been repurposing some old jars from home. *Thank you Pinterest* :)   I have been using old glass jars as a centerpiece on our dining room table at home.  I put a little filler and a candle - so cute! Since this is not a blog about my house (wink), I will tell you how I am going to use old glass jars around my classroom!
I collected the jars I had lying around and dropped a little bit of paint in them.  I used enough so that I could rotate the jar and paint would cover the inside.     
Seriously, that is it!  I wiped the top so the paint was even and let them dry.
I am going to use the yellow one for my birthday pencils.  I will use the green and pink ones for pencil management (sharp, dull) and will use the blue jar to hold paint brushes.
I found these little birthday candles I had around my class and am going to write each kiddos' name and bday on one.  Easy-peasy!
** I had to buy some adhesive remover to get that sticky residue and paper off**

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