Friday, August 3, 2012

Numbers Numbers!

Since our district adopted the Common Core last year, I have been thinking a lot about math and how I will change the way I teach. The new Core standards are realistic (and wonderful) but rigorous. I think that I spent too much unnecessary time with the numbers 0-20. I know that this year I need to do a better job at teaching the numbers 0-20 at a much faster pace. I still want to provide the kiddos with opportunities to explore, compare, build and experiment with these numbers, but I understand how keeping a rigorous pace can help us get deeper into math sooner. It's important that young learners have a conceptual understanding of these numbers. If we don't teach it in kinder, they may be lost in math for a LONG time.
This coming school year, we will be using the GoMath! program. It looks great and I am very excited. Do you have any experience with GoMath! Tips to share?

I wanted to create some supplemental activities involving the numbers 0-20. I plan to use these activities during extra independent practice, in math stations and for homework practice.

I created activities that sequence from basic to complex so that it will move with my kiddos' progression. The pages begin with a focus on the numbers 0-5 and progress to number work with 0-20.

I incorporated many of the Common Core standards and included a variety activities with each group of numbers. This pack will give my kiddos a chance to:
*identify numbers
*write numbers
*match numbers
*tally numbers
*identify equalities/inequalities
*answer questions about how many
*practice number conservation skills

I am very excited to teach math this year! Looking forward to watching these kiddos grow into Mathematicians!

Please click the link if you are interested in this Animal Math Pack!

When I was creating this for my class, I got to thinking about my favorite thing to teach in math. I LOVE teaching the kiddos place value. It is so neat to watch those little brains at work and begin to understand large numbers and what they mean. What is your favorite part of your math curriculum?


  1. This looks great! My favorite part of my math curriculum is teaching number sense (greater than, less than). :)
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    1. Thank you! I would love to showcase one of your favorite greater than, less than posts or products on my blog. Please let me know! We can link up!


  2. I have taught Go Maths here in Australia, I wonder if it's the same as yours. We found it very rigorous and fast paced. We ended up ditching the student book but continuing with the teaching program. There were parts and aspects I loved, others, we 'tweaked'.

    1. I wonder how similar they are?! I will let you know once I can really get my hands dirty!


      PS - I LOVE your graphics!

  3. Hi Kristen - I just found you and am your newest follower. Cute blog...those number practice pages look great! :o)
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