Thursday, July 5, 2012

Numbers FREEBIE!

As I get ready for the coming school year, I wanted to upgrade one of my math stations.  I love using these dice activities in all sorts of ways – small group, stations and whole group.  My kiddos seem to like them best when they work with a friend at a station.  They get a set of dice, find a comfy spot in the room and work on numbers!
At the beginning of the year, we focus a lot on number recognition, so I made an activity where they roll dice, count then number and write it down.  Dice games are a great way to help kiddos subitize (ha, sounds like scuba dive)!

As they get more comfortable with numbers, I have them write the number word as well.

Around October Break, when we begin talking about addition, I use the dice game in a learning station as well.  They love it!

I had to get the foam dice because regular-stylie dice were out of control!  Ah, much quieter!
Enjoy these fantastic math activities!

Who doesn't love a FREEBIE?!
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  1. Thanks! I have my kids roll their dice on a paper plate - keeps down the noise level!!

  2. THANK YOU!!! I'm always looking for engaging fun activities that my students can do together or individually!

  3. Glad you can use this! I will be posting more activities soon!

  4. These are great! I'm in school to be a teacher, so I'm constantly collecting things for my future classroom. These will come in handy! Thanks for sharing.


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