Sunday, July 1, 2012

Plannin' Time!

Alright, it is July… That means I only have a few weeks before I have to stop pretending to be a Stay-A-Home-Mommy and return to my crazy kindergarten life. It also means it is time to start planning and organizing.
Most people make resolutions at New Years, but as a teacher, I make mine in July. This (school) year I resolve to be a better planner and keep track of my life. I resolve to finally be a grown-up and use a planner and not rely on sticky-notes!

I found this great planner at Target – if I have to plan it should at least be adorable!
Since I can’t leave Target without browsing EVERY.SINGLE.AISLE. I also found these great little bands.  These bands will be great for data folders, homework collection and adding a little flare to my new planner!

What is your New *School* Year Resolution?

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  1. That is a really cute planner for Target!! I am loving your cute blog!!

    Girl...get your planning on!!! That is definitely the fun part of the year...that and watching your students blossom right after that Christmas break...

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