Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back to School 2.0

There are so many things to do to prepare for the first weeks ofschool.  One of the things I have been workingon is my ‘Back 2 School’ letter.  Theletter I send home is pretty important – it is the first school-homecommunication I will have with families, it sets the expectations for the yearand it is the best time to lay out the inter workings of our class and day.  I usually start off with anintroductory letter.  I want to letfamilies know WHO their kiddo will be spending so much time with.  I talk about me, my family and give them alittle bit of my educational and career background.   The next few pages are all specifics aboutour class – our schedule, class expectations, rules and responsibilities,consequences, rewards, wish-list, blah blah blah!  If that packet was not enough for parents,this year I added a few new pages!    


Thesepages include a student info sheet (quick guide for me to have in the room), aparent volunteer form and a photo release paper.  I wanted to add the photo release paper so Iwasn’t posting any pics of my amazing kiddos and their work this year withoutpermission.  If you are interested inthis pack, I have bundled it for you HERE! In addition to those three sheets, I also included a quick-contact paperfor you and a daily behavior chart.  Ilike having the quick contact paper near my phone so that if/when I need to geta hold of a parent, I don’t have to mess around and waste time!

What do you like to include in your parent letter? 

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  1. I always ask my parents what they hope their child learns/gains from my class. I ask what their child's strengths are and what they want me to help them with.
    It gives me so much insight to the parents and child!


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