Thursday, August 23, 2012

Alphabet Crafts!

I LOVE teaching the alphabet at the beginning of the year.  The kiddos get a little crazy with the new knowledge and fun activities, but they love crafting!

Every time we learn a new phonogram, we make a craft and read an informative book with a title/topic that begins with the new phonogram.  ~I made a set of corresponding alphabet crafts a few years back~  This week, one of our new phonograms was /o/ - all three sounds.

We read an informative book about octopus AND made an octopus craft.  I was able to mix a little science and informative recall with our alphabet activities.  Genius!

When we first started crafting our alphabet, we made a chart that had the order of our directions.  The kiddos love referring to it when they need a little reminder in the middle of a craft

Since each craft follows the same basic steps, they came up with these four simple directions/reminders.

1. Trace.

2. Cut

3. Glue

4. Color/Decorate

So much fun!  We hang them on our alphabet wall and refer back to them all year long when talking about beginning sounds.

Since our class has already been DIBELS tested, we have been working on identifying capital and lowercase letters.  We do different alphabet exercises all day long to incorporate this skill, but the kiddos really seem to LOVE the ice-cream letters we have been using in small group.  I call out a letter and they find the capital and lowercase letters to make an ice-cream cone.  Fun stuff!
This pack also includes some word building activities with common two-letter phonograms for later in the year.

Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives is having a giveaway.

If you love to use music in your classroom and are interested in a 'Transition Music' giveaway, you should hop on over and check it out!  I am heading there now!


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  1. I LOVE these different activities for each letter! I've always tried to create my own but you have it all ready for me! I may have to head to TPT and purchase. Thanks so much :) I'm your newest follower and new to the blog world. Come check my kinder blog out at



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