Sunday, September 2, 2012

So Much To Do, So Much To Teach!

Oh goodness...  I feel like this time of the school year is INSANE!

I have all of these fantastic ideas and remember how easy it was to get through things last year.  Ah yes, I am remembering my kinder kiddos from the end of last year.  I think *we* primary teachers forget about all of the madness that takes place the first few weeks.  Hmm...  I must get my act together and get these kids ready for all of the amazing things we will be accomplishing.

Only one problem.

I have so much to do and absolutely NO TIME at the beginning of the year {in kinder} to do it.  If you are like me, the first step is organizing and creating lists.  I love lists.  I am one of those people who will write things on my to-do list that I have already done just so I can cross it out and feel accomplished! Love it.  LOVE it!
I made this great little to-do list after my friend Jillian made one that matched the colors of her class.
You can grab yourself a FREE copy of it HERE!

Oh man, as I started writing down everything I had to do, my list got a little out of control.  Eek!  I need to take a sub day just to prepare for all the things I was to do, make and learn with my kiddos.

First things first!  I need to get all my alphabet crafts organized and ready to go.  I put them all in a binder with a tab marking each letter and all of the corresponding activities.  Now I can grab them quickly and easily.  I even pre-cut some paper and shapes and slipped them into sleeve protectors so that on the day-of, I would not need to spend time cutting or gathering supplies.  Everything is ready to go.

We make a craft for every letter and I have made a file for you if you would like to grab it. (I posted about this in Alphabet Crafts)

The kiddos love to make a craft every day and it helps connect what we are learning to something 'real immediately.  We are applying our letter-sound relationships each day!  Gotta love that!

Here is a picture preview of the pack:

I have included a picture of a student created craft for each letter along with a short description of how we made it.  I hope you love them!

Please let me know how much you like them!

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  1. Your list comment cracked us both up!!! We both totally do the same thing. Accomplishing somethimg just isn't quite as much fun if you can't cross it off a list!! We just found you and are now following. We would love it if you would stop by sometime!!
    Katie & Lisen


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