Thursday, November 8, 2012

Workstation Time!

Wahoo!  I so pumped - we are working independently!

We have been working towards 'real' workstations for a while now.  We started building stamina by working as a class [independently] for 10 mins, then moved to working in smaller tables groups, then to small groups and finally to our workstation buddy groups!  Yay!
It was wonderful walking around the room and observing the kiddos working in their small groups.  I loved it.  I am hoping to pull small groups starting Monday!

I use a pocket chart to manage my stations.  The kids rotate twice each day and work there way through eight stations each week. *We have a 1/2 day on Wednesdays, so no time for stations! 
It was kind of crazy when I was trying to figure out how to rotate them, so I created this chart that helped me.  Now, I don't use the chart.  I am able to just gather the cards in my hand and move them around.

I created these station cards to go in the pocket chart for easy management and rotation.  They have the station title and a corresponding picture.

I just LOVE using these!  I have included over 20 different types of cards - library, poetry, big books, housekeeping, writing, etc.  I have also included a few blank cards so that you can add special stations for your room!

If you are looking for station ideas and ways to keep your kids accountable during station time, you should check out my Workstation Pack!  I created station posters and accountability sheets to help manage my kids while I am working with a small group.

Also, it drives me insane when you ask a kid what he/she did at a station and he/she says, "nothing" or "played"... Ahh!  Come on, I did not create all of these wonderful learning experiences just for you to say, "nothing"!

The station posters and worksheets include:
-write the room (primary line and bottom line)
-nonsense word
-pocket chart
-word quilt (word wall)

Not only can the worksheets be used to manage accountability, but they can also be used as an assignment (for a grade), an assessment or as a checklist for workstation incentive.

I hope you can use these!

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