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kiddos say can gather!

The kiddos has lots of advice and comments while I was pregnant:
"Mrs. Crisp, don't babies eat whatever you eat?"
"Don't babies eat baby food?"
"Yes they do."

"Well, then why don't you eat baby food since that what your baby needs?"

As he whispers to another student while judging, "she sure eats a lot of candy..."

With a worried look on her face, "Be careful when you are sick, Mrs. Crisp.  I don't want you to throw up our baby."

"Can I touch your baby?"
"Sure, put your hand right here" (guide his hand to my giant belly)
He pokes me with one finger.  "Oh my gosh, your baby just gave me a high-5!"


As we are walking to lunch on a windy day, "Mrs. Crisp, this would be a lovely day to fly a kite!"
     - DuShaun

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